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The Ruedi Holder Investment Process.

1. Our planning and investment process is focused on only one thing…helping our clients make the most of their lives.

As financial advisors, acting in the best interest of our clients, delivery of this value proposition requires several things:

Confidence that the each client’s unique goals can be achieved.

Achievement of client’s goals without undue sacrifice in their lifestyle.

Avoidance of unnecessary investment risk.

Most investors, like you, assume this should be the advisors role and focus. Unfortunately, most other types of investment advisors do not approach client service in this manner.

2. Our process is sophisticated and analytically very reliable. It is also elegantly simple.

We begin by defining the most important goals you have for your life. These goals are the purpose for your investments. In addition to understanding your acceptable goals, we will also help you identify your aspirations or ideal goals. This will tell us not only what you need financially, but what you ultimately would like to have or what you would like to do during your lifetime.


By understanding your priorities we can focus on solutions to meet the goals on which you place the highest value. We will then apply an innovative, patent pending stress test analysis which simulates 1,000 market environments, both good and bad. From the combination of your acceptable and ideal goals along with our stress testing analysis, we will design a customized recommendation and investment strategy.

We have not only made investment planning simpler for you, we have also provided you with the confidence and comfort that your goals can be achieved without unnecessary risk or undue sacrifice to your lifestyle at any point during your lifetime.

Periodically, or whenever you request it, we will provide you with a “snapshot” of your investments so that you will always know where you stand based on the market’s behavior. With a periodic update, you will know whether you are on track to meet your goals, and will have the opportunity to make slight adjustments now to prevent more dramatic changes later. Most importantly, we understand that your goals and priorities may change at different times during your life. Our process will allow you to respond to such changes at any time. It’s simple, and it’s comfortable.

3. The Ruedi Holder process, unlike traditional advisory services, provides significant additional benefits.

Traditional investment advisors (brokers/agents) are trained to get clients to be realistic often for the purpose of maximizing how much money you will invest with them. This realism ignores your aspirations, even though your aspirations may be achievable.

Ruedi Holder identifies your aspirations.

Brokers/agents are also trained to collect substantial amounts of data from you. While there are many details which are included in their analysis, most of these details are really immaterial to your goals. For instance, whether your cable bill is $78 or $90 per month is not likely to impact whether you can retire at 60 instead of 65.

Ruedi Holder focuses only on those things which are important to you.

Traditional advisors usually identify your maximum risk tolerance, and then advise you to create a portfolio in which you will experience it. In reality, you may be able to achieve your goals by implementing an investment plan with less risk than your maximum tolerance.


Ruedi Holder designs your investment plan to avoid unnecessary risk.

Many advisors will ask what your risk tolerance is; they ask "How much could you stand to lose?" They will then create a portfolio that is certain to take you down to that level. We find this process leads many clients to end up with portfolios that involve more risk than they need to achieve their goals.

Ruedi Holder can actually find a solution to decrease saving if this is a priority for you.

Traditional advisory services will monitor performance, but with little effect. While the information they provide you may be interesting, it will not tell you what the performance means to you in terms of achieving your goals. You will not have the right kind of information to identify opportunities or problems in advance, before they impact your plan or your lifestyle.

Ruedi Holder monitors your plan on a regular basis, so you can act quickly and in advance to make any changes which may impact the achievement of your goals.

Not only will your traditional broker/agent collect a lot of unnecessary information from you at the beginning of your relationship, they will recollect that same information each time you want to update or change your plan. This is time consuming, inconvenient, and unnecessary. Because their process is so complex, a review of your plan generally occurs only annually. This limits your choices, opportunities for change and adjustment, and doesn’t allow you to make good tactical decisions such as should you spend or save your unexpected bonus check or your inheritance from a family member?

Ruedi Holder communicates with you often so we know if your priorities have changed. And since we focus on only those things which matter for your plan, we can tell you where you stand and answer your questions at anytime.

Read the fine print. Traditional investment advisors use disclosures to explain away the fact that they have no idea as to whether or not the investment product they have sold to you will perform as projected. The disclosures include language like “these projections should NOT be relied upon.” This leaves you pretty much in the dark and certainly not very confident.

While markets are always changing and uncertain, we can actually measure how confident you can be that your financial goals will be realized. By anticipating both bull and bear markets, we will know, and you will know, that barring extraordinarily poor market conditions, things will go as planned, and, in fact, there is at least a 75% chance that performance will be better than anticipated.

Let’s walk through the Ruedi Holder process with a Case Study.

Ruedi Holder Case Study